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what is DriveSmart™?

DriveSmart™ is a driver performance change management system for use by commercial vehicle operators to reduce the risk of loss of life, injury to road-users and damage to vehicles and other property. 


Originally designed and developed for exclusive use by a niche-market insurance underwriter, DriveSmart™ has a verifiable & proven track record of efficacy. The marked reduction in losses suffered, as measured by the number of incidents and the severity thereof, by commercial fleet owners using the DriveSmart™ system has given rise to a reduction in losses that makes the track record of these fleets the toast of the insurance industry.


what data sources do we use?

DriveSmart™ seamlessly interfaces with the most widely used in Vehicle Monitoring Systems.


At the core of the system’s success is DriveSmart™’s independent relationship with these data sources. This positioning enables independent data verification and validation prior to the evaluation process which is a critical to preventing the “garbage in - garbage out” syndrome. The DriveSmart™ Safety Rating afforded to commercial drivers each week is the culmination of detailed analysis of different criteria which include Defensive Driving and Driver Fatigue analysis based on 6 different drive time criteria.


who should use DriveSmart™?

If you own a commercial fleet of trucks or buses or you control or influence a supply chain in which road safety is paramount, DriveSmart™ needs your consideration. There are no hardware costs and we have a “no risk to our client” walk away warrantee if you determine that DriveSmart™ is not for you. For corporates who take responsibility for the on-road safety of outsourced transport, DriveSmart™ is a one stop safety solution enabled by an ability to interface with multiple In Vehicle Monitoring Systems.