The Product has many facets:



the product


change management system

We drive change through solid, well interpreted information communicated by people who are challenged with the responsibility of facilitating behaviour change in our client organisations. This is not just a computerised tool it a holistic change management system.




The Weekly Report highlights the drivers with the most room for improvement and is emailed directly to the driver manager who is then required to contact each driver and “coach” them on how to improve.  The Weekly Reports include:


The Monthly Reports are split into two reporting formats:


1) The Driver Coaching Report is directed at the person who is responsible for talking to the drivers about their performances. The report includes the following:


2) The Management Report is for use by senior managers who would like an overview of how their drivers are doing. The report includes the following:

The Tri-annual & Annual Reports summarise Drivers Safety Ratings and show trends for the past 4 months and annually respectively.  (DriveSmart clients have access to preferential insurance programmes. If participating in such a programme premium adjustments are indicated on this report.)


In summary there are:

Weekly reports

Monthly reports with 2 formats: Driver Coaching & Management

Tri-annual reports

Annual reports