The Product has many facets:



the product


DriveSmart is a management tool designed for use in the management of Commercial Vehicle drivers. This programme will improve your fleet safety & insurance records by:



In addition to these primary objectives DriveSmart will reduce fleet carbon emissions through improved fuel consumptions.


In short, DriveSmart is designed to teach drivers to drive carefully and economically. The system will help the driver to develop improved driving habits. Forming a new habit requires a disciplined approach to the following:


Through our closely managed tutorial system, DriveSmart will help the driver acquire the necessary knowledge. We will teach the driver how to become the most professional and, most importantly, safest driver that he or she can be. The drivers on the programme have a responsibility to take the acquired knowledge and apply it in practise in order to develop and then hone their skills. Some drivers may even require some advanced training. Most importantly the driver needs to maintain the right attitude. Without the correct attitude it does not matter what knowledge the driver has access to, or what techniques they are taught, they will not become safer drivers. It is important therefore, that our direct or indirect interaction with participating drivers is seen by them as positive and we try our utmost to facilitate a cordial working relationship without compromising on measurable results.