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Leon Oosthuizen : Sales and Marketing Executive


I have been with Trucksurance since 1998 during which time I have acted predominantly as a broker but have also filled Risk Management and Office Manager roles.  I am married to Sue.  Sue and I have a beautiful daughter who was born in May 2007 and she quite literally brightens every day for me.  I, like all brokers, enjoys a round of golf, am a keen mountain biker, jogger and occasionally visit the gym.


Leon's contact details:
Office number: +27 (0)33 343 2200

Mobile number: +27 (0)83 644 4677

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  • Kim

Shantel Anthony : Risk Manager


I am passionate about family, friends, cars and trucks and I enjoy good music, cocktails, people and conversation. (not necessarily in that order) I am fascinated with other people’s cultures, traditions and ways of life. I would like to think that I am no push over. My pet peeves are arrogance, (you know what they say about empty vessels) and dishonesty. I completed my N6 of Human Resource Management Diploma.  Joined Trucksurance straight after and have been here for 8 years. Moved up and across fields. I am a Tacho Analyst and a member of the South African Institute of Tacho Analysts. Presently, I am a Risk Management and I monitor vehicle activity and driver activity on our clients’ vehicles.


Kim Swartz : Risk Manager


I have just started with drivesmart™, as a risk manager. I am so excited to have an opportunity to start with such a great team. I come from a background of aviation and of vehicle tracking, but this is a great opportunity getting to know different people.
I have just gotten engaged and looking forward to starting a brand new chapter in my life, with some great people and a great new job. I am truly a family girl, and looking forward to becoming a part of this family.





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  • Shadrack
  • Londeka
  • Lesley-Ann
  • Sindi

Shadrack Ndlela : Vehicle Analyst


My name is Shadrack Ndlela, I've been with this company for the past 15 years so I can say that this company has become my second home and has changed my life in a big way. I work as a Vehicle Analyst. I am very shy and enjoy working on my own. I have a fiance and two sons. My oldest son is 19 years old and matriculated with an exemption in 2009 and plans to study law. My younger son was born in 2008. When I'm not at work I am at home with my family. Being in this company has taught me a lot of things that is why I try my best to carry out my duties in time and keep our clients happy.

Londeka Ngubane : OBC Analyst


My name is Londeka Ngubane, at Drive smart I work as a OBC Analyst and I have a Diploma in Public Management. I’m a very friendly person and relate well with other people. I’m a hard worker who works well when under pressure. I’d say working with Tachos is my way of having fun and carrying out my duties at the same time . I love all kinds of sports but my favourite would be soccer. I enjoy doing my job and my first priorities are to keep our clients happy.

Portia Mngadi : OBC & Tacho Analyst


I am Lindiwe Portia Mngadi well known as Porsh, married to Albert Mngadi. We are blessed with a baby boy by the name of Samukelo, who is eleven months old. I like nature and if I have time with my family, the only place we visit is the game reserve.  I also enjoy swimming and Tennis.  I matriculated in 2001 with exemption. I started working for this  company in 2002 as a Data Capturer, there after I was trained to do OBC analysis. I have obtained a certificate in  Tachograph Analysing and became a member of the South African Institute of Tachograph Analysts in 2007.  I began my training earlier in 2008 and I was promoted to be a Tacho Analyst and I am a genius in this position.

Lesley-Ann : OBC Analyst


I am an OBC Analyst at DriveSmart™. I analyze clients on the Automated OBC system as well as the clients that remain on the Manual OBC system. Everyday that I have been at Trucksurance, since March 2009, has been an opportunity for me to learn. Sometimes the lesson to be learned can be something very small, but every little bit adds to my life experience. I enjoy my work, and I see it as more than ‘just a job’. The bigger picture is that every aspect of what I do has an effect on others.  I am very passionate about the work that I do, and would always like to give the best of my ability to adding value to DriveSmart™ and all the clients that are a part of DriveSmart™.  In my life, the most important thing to me is to have dreams and goals. Without that, there is no focus or motivation in life. Dreams and goals change everyday, and so the most important thing is to undergo the benefit of each day on its own, but also remembering that there are fine lines between right and wrong.

Sindi Dlamini : OBC Analyst


My name is Sindi Dlamini, and I am employed at Drive Smart as an OBC Analyst. I'm a single young adult, with a mom, 2 younger sisters and a niece. I am very shy, but ambitious and easy to please. I have a matric exemption and have not had a chance to study further but I have made it my mission to do so. I work very well with other people. I enjoy going to the movies with friends and a bit of fun just makes my day. I’d love to be married and have a family of my own at some point of my life.



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Locke Purdon : Executive Director


I am an entrepreneur at heart who looks for opportunities to provide solutions to problems and hopefully make it financially viable (even rewarding) at the same time. My ancestors were 1820 settlers from England who settled in the Eastern Cape and many generations of farmers later I bucked the farming trend and followed an uncle into the insurance industry. A few “problems” and “solutions” later and DriveSmart™ has become a reality. I am so excited about the product and the team of people that support it. I have three boys, Luke and Simon (both at Stellenbosch), Andrew (at Hilton College). These days my spare time seems to be spent supporting my kids, but I really enjoy playing golf and mountain-biking. When time and finances allow I love to fly. I have been privileged to have flown about 800 hours in helicopters and planes.


Paula van Wyk : General Manager


I have been at Trucksurance for the last 6 years and have thoroughly enjoyed my time here. I started out at Policy Administration where I learnt the Insurance basics. I studied for my Certificate of Proficiency in Short Term Insurance and managed a pass with distinction. That together with my Certificate in Banking (obtained at my previous employer) I am FAIS compliant. I then moved into the Claims Department and enjoyed the challenges and fast pace of this department. Understanding policy administration and how a claim is processed has turned out to be a valuable asset within my current position of Regional Risk Manager. I have been part of the Risk Management team since 1997. I love interacting with my clients and enjoy understanding my clients business and needs. The best part of my job is visiting all my clients! On a personal note - I am married to Jaco and have 2 children, Tanita and Braden. Most of my time is filled with family outings (sport, social life and general “Mom” duties!) but on the rare occasion that I have free time, I love to curl up on the couch and read a good book. I also enjoy a lighthearted movie (or 2!) At heart I am a creative spirit and enjoy theatre and dance.