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Road accidents are, in most countries, the major cause of deaths and injuries. Driver fatigue in commercial road transport operations is the single biggest cause of road accidents in this sector and in some countries driver fatigue is the direct cause of more than 30% of road accidents.


Enhanced road-safety is, therefore, a key to achieving safety goals of any organisation or country. A flexible safety focused on-road risk management system that can use data from existing On-Board Computers (OBC’s) or In Vehicle Monitoring Systems (IVMS’s), as they are referred to in some parts of the globe, to assess driving standards is essential if we are to improve our collective national, continental or even global driving standards. Simplicity is the key to  a user friendly system and whilst the nature of the evaluation might be complex, the key to success of any risk management programme lies in the ease of implementation and ultimately how effective the tool is in the process of improving driving standards.


Road-safety is our collective responsibility, as a society, so although DriveSmart™™ was developed for a niche market insurance client the potential impact of its wider use has been widely recognised. DriveSmart™™ was designed to change the way commercial drivers drive. The product puts safety first and sets new standards of self regulation in commercial fleet operations.


The DriveSmart™™ Fatigue Module is unique & was developed after evaluating much of the worldwide research into the effects of “driving hours” on the state of Fatigue in Commercial Vehicle drivers and through practical commercial trial & error. This module does not attempt to address the other very important factors affecting fatigue like diet, sleep quality, off duty activities & state of health. If one assumes adequate risk management processes are in place to limit the risks associated with these important factors then the monitoring, evaluation and control of “Driving hours” is the single most significant risk management process we can employ to reduce the risk of accidents that have a root cause in driver fatigue. In most first world countries “driving hours” are the subject of very strict legislation, however in most of the developing world, and particularly in Africa, legislation in respect of drive times is either non-existent or, if it exists, is not policed.


The onus, therefore, falls on the key players in each supply chain to self regulate if road safety is to be taken seriously by companies who operate in the Developing World. DriveSmart™™ is unique; it is the “frontier product” for any company serious about saving lives and reducing financial losses in the road transport leg of its supply chain. DriveSmart™™ has been developed with a “blank canvas approach” and a singular focus of improving safety in Commercial Vehicle operations and, in our opinion, is the only product of its kind in the world. By design and with deliberate intent DriveSmart™™ does not sell its own hardware. We tap into the data collected by Fleet Management products, we evaluate the integrity of the data and then funnel it through our custom designed software to generate meaningful Driver Safety Ratings. Being independent of the source of the data is critical to the objectivity and integrity of the process.